Friday, February 11, 2011

Fearless- Movie Review

Fearless (Actor : JetLi)

The journey of self discovery has never been an easy task for anyone.Everyone including the gifted ones have faced challenges of higher order to know thyself.

This is a story of self discovery of a great martial teacher who becomes a legend.

After the decline of Qing dynasty ,foreign powers began to dominate China and Chinese were humiliated as sick.

Huo Yuan Jia, was a martial arts professional who wanted to be the best in Jaing Nan province. He fought well and won many competitions. He became proud and arrogant. In his hunger for power and ignorance he destroyed his own family. This incident impacted him harshly. He became lost and went to a far away village where he lived for some years and understood the true reflection of his self and the purpose of his life.

He again went back to his province and fought again but not for his win, for the glory of martial arts and his motherland. This time due to his higher motives and willingness to serve the country and his people;not only does he gain fame but also respect.

This is a true story of inspiration and self discovery, surely a worth watch for its sheer magnificence, gracious acting, jaws dropping action, beautiful cinematography and a nice story line up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

D Train experience

I n Nishit in S-2 and Deepak in S-1.The train sped up as we went aboard. Suddenly the speed shot up.Train started squeaking and squealing. Girls started screaming in the bogey. The turbulence in the motion of the train could be experienced.

It was like being in a huge iron clad columbus in a fun-fair with no place to move out. Train was shreaking and screaming noises never heard before.Train was grunting in its full potential, like a dinosaur shreaking at its prey.

Suddenly it started to turn itself like titanic before submerging into the ocean waters.
Luggage moving from the left to the right side. Train started to turn towards right. People and luggage smashing themselves with the train walls.

Still moving ahead at a 90 degree angle and then came the big thud ! As if after a long period of chopping the tree, it fell down.Smoke came out of some electrical panels in the coach. We were top-bottom. Holding the gravitational pull with the holds on the side upper berths.

People still screaming and a feeling of the bogey tilting swept under my feet. Nishit was proactive and started to rush. I accompanied him leaving all the luggage and the foot wear there only
I n my Laptop bag. Climbed down the railings and came heads-up out of the emergency window. Like a captain coming out of the submarine.

There were bogeys fallen apart in the dark. Ours was the most affected bogey,smoke was rising at a side. People saving themselves and climbing out of the wrecked coach.Visualizing death face-to-face we jumped off from the emergency window till the ground about a storey or so.There we 2 were on the ground after facing the blind deaf storm. After a minor struggle we also found out Out third friend perfectly alright.

All's the things of past. Only thing felt then was the being of an ultimate power who saved us.

Only in & with such experiences does a person understand the meaning of togetherness,
meaning of GOD and his existence .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unity in Divercity

Though there have been instances and cases of religious or communal conflicts now or then.
Still the Hindus-Muslim live together. Enjoy their life in this togetherness. Especially in the cities you would observe this. The festivals also show a drastic similarity in their names since inception.



More on this Diversity and cultural inter-mingling would be written in the next post.

Force india.. Win !!

Force India, force India to win...

" Fisichella won the first points for Vijay Malaya’s Force India by registering the second place in the belgium grand prix today. Vijay Malaya’s determination with force India paid off today and he was as exuberant as Fisichella after the finish. Fisichella live upto the expectations he built after yesterdays strong finish in the qualifying round. "

Economics is a state of mind !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indi-genious !

Since ages, the genious of India : the sages, renowned philosophers, scientists
have ruled the world. Till the dusk of the last century its renowned culture, establishments
had gone and swayed along the pre-cursors due to the plight glorifying the Anglo-Saxons...!

Now comes our time. The thriving, vibrant and the energetic NEW INDIA !
The place where everything's expanding... growing....

There's positivity and thrill all around the upcoming young India.

" Indigenously a Genious called INDIA's Rising ! "

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aam ke aam

Mango found and appreciated by Akbar the Great. Has been given the designation to be the best among the fruits.
The lurcative amongst all the fruits.

But still the name suggests( AAM= common). The commonality may not be in terms of taste. But the experience which even
the poor, middle class can enjoy. The sweet and juicy taste is so loved that its "AAM" to love and like this fruit.